Mozambique back on the map

Mozambique is back on the map. First French energy firm TotalEnergies announced late last year that it plans to restart the long-delayed USD20-billion Mozambique liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the first quarter of this year.

Work on the project was halted in 2021 after an insurgency led by Islamic State-linked militants in the Cabo Delgado site, leading to TotalEnergies declaring force majeure and halting construction.

Earlier this week the Maputo Development Company (MPDC) reported that the Port of Maputo achieved a record volume of 31.2-million tons in 2023, up 16% in 2022.

Exploration companies in Mozambique

In addition, WhyAfrica has become aware of several mining exploration companies applying for Mining Concessions in Mozambique.

For example, LSE-listed Altona, a resource exploration, and development company focused on Rare Earths in Africa, announced earlier this week that its subsidiary, Monte Muambe Mining, has lodged an application for a Mining Concession in Mozambique.

WhyAfrica travelled to Mozambique last year in December to determine how we could include Mozambique in this year’s annual WhyAfrica Road Trip. Out recce was successful. During our short stay in Mozambique, we spend a couple of nights in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique.

The charm of Maputo

Maputo has certainly not lost its charm and tourists are returning in numbers after the slow-down in the wake of Covid. Maputo remains one of the most interesting cities in Africa to explore. We hope to do more exploring soon.

Did you know that Maputo served as the background for several big Hollywood movies such as AliBlood Diamond, and The Interpreter. In particular, the Maputo Railway Station and urban streets served as a stand in for Sierra Leone during the filming of Blood Diamond.

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Mozambique back on the map


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