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Exploring the backroads of Africa is an experience that will remain etched in your memory forever.

The Kalahari smell of Mopani trees on a scorching summers day, the first dusty October rains, circling vultures, Yellow billed Kites and the ever-present Bateleur Eagle high above, lures intrepid travellers back to Africa’s never-ending horizons time and time again.

When you travel in Africa, your brain continuously releases bucket-loads of feel-good hormones called endorphins. The elation you feel when hiking or running up Africa’s towering mountains, driving down its orange tinted sand dunes, or swimming and snorkelling in its magnificent blue lakes, rivers, and oceans, is caused by an over-supply of these endorphins.

The body’s reaction to this hormone surge is familiar to us at Endorphin Expeditions. We’ve experienced it for more than 25 years and have no shame in admitting that we are absolutely addicted to African travel, and we would like to share our passion with you.

If you are relatively adventurous and love hiking, running, and overland driving, then you already have some of our DNA embedded within you. Moreover, if you are curious about Africa’s endemic wildlife, its vibrant cities and intriguing history, its abundant natural resources and diverse cultures, there is no doubt that you are part of the Endorphin family.

If Africa has always been on your bucket list, why not join Endorphin Expeditions in our quest to discover more secrets about Africa and allow us to share with you the magic of the most mysterious continent on earth?  

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