Gemstones of Tanzania

Gemstones of Tanzania

Tanzania is the jewel in the gemstone crown of East Africa. The country is a major producer of tanzanite, a variety of zoisite, but also exploits deposits containing chrysoberyl variety alexandrite, quartz variety amethyst, beryl variety aquamarine and emerald, cordierite, various gem garnets including tsavorite, corundum varieties ruby and sapphire, spinel and tourmaline, notably dravite.

Tanzanite accounts for the bulk of income generated by gemstones. Tanzania also hosts economic deposits of kimberlite-hosted diamonds mined at the Williamson (Mwadui) mine.

Gold production contributes to almost 15% of the country’s GDP and past and present gold mines include Golden Pride, Golden Ridge, Bulyanhulu, Geita and Tulawaka, all of which are located in the northern region of the Dodoma (Archaean) craton’s Lake Victoria goldfields.

(Source: Minerals and Gemstones of East Africa by Bruce Cairnross 2019)

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