Crashing out in Cazombo, Moxico Province, Angola

Accommodation in Cazombo

The bustling town of Cazombo in the Moxico Province of Angola is about 156km from the Caripandi border post between Angola and Zambia.

There is only one guesthouse in town owned by Mr. Martin. Mr Martin’s establishment caters mostly for locals who needs a place to crash in the early morning hours after the nightclub across the road shut its doors. Needless to mention that it was a noisy affair.

Cazombo was strategic during the Angolan civil war in the late 1990s and early 2000s as it had a decent airport where the opposition or rebel movement Unita received weapons from Eastern European countries. The airport does not exist today.

Here we are having breakfast on the first day of our Angolan adventure in the backyard of Mr. Martin’s guesthouse.

Check out Mr Martins Guest House in this video:

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