Living on the edge on the floodplains of the Kavango River in Namibia

Floodplains of the Kavango

In the morning, we did a project on climate change and spoke to a number of Hambukushu people about life on the banks of the Kavango River, and to what extent extreme weather events have affected their day-to day existence.

Amongst others, we interviewed Maria, at 92 the oldest person in the village at Ngepi, close to the town of Divundu, in the Kavango Province of Namibia.

Maria told us that her life has changed drastically because of developments along the river and in the Kavango Region.

Moreover, she told us that severe droughts and heat in Namibia and Angola (where the Kavango starts its long journey) over the last decade or more, have affected the soil health of the floodplains and their crop yields have diminished.

Maria and her family are mostly subsistence farmers and fishermen and depend on the annual flood and the fertile floodplains of the Kavango River to survive. Changes in weather patterns and infrequent rainfall have had a profound impact on their lives.

If you travel with Endorphin Expeditions on our 2025 overland group road trips you will probably meet Maria in her village close to Divundu, where she has lived since birth

Click on the link to see the interview with Maria:

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