Fishing on Lake Malawi

Fishing on Lake Malawi

Malawi’s population has grown from five million in 1975 to more than 20 million today and this has put pressure on all Malawi’s natural resources.

Fish in Lake Malawi are no exception. Fish are traditionally regarded as a free resource, which anyone is able to take. The ever-growing number of people who are catching fish, either to feed themselves or to sell has led to devastating overfishing across the whole of Lake Malawi (source: Agri Malawi 2019).

The fisheries sector is a vital part of Malawi’s economy and gives employment to more than 60,000 fishers with another 500,000 people supporting them through boat building, net sales, fish processing and marketing.

The most popular fish to catch is called Chambo. Each adult Chambo can produce 300 young. Sadly, overfishing has resulted in three out of the four species of Chambo being critically endangered and Chambo fisheries are now almost on the brink of collapse.

Last year we joined a group of local fishermen in Salima and Senga Bay and spent a few hours fishing with them. In the video clip we are on the way back to our village after a long day on the water.

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